May 21-22 2016

We have gathered, 64 participants, for the Session on Compassion and we represent 13 Provinces/Regions/Missions of the Congregation.  Our joy is great to be able to live this time close the Sanctuary of Fatima.  Our Lady accompanies us.

Word of welcome: On the afternoon of May 21st, Sr. Marie de Lourdes, Provincial Superior of Portugal, warmly welcomed the group and Mother Angèle, Superior General, also welcomed us with visible joy.  To deepen the mystery of compassion, this gift that Marie Rivier received at the foot of the Piétà of Montpezat, has been one of her dreams for many years now.

We gathered in the chapel for the opening celebration.  During the celebration, each delegation presented the way in which the mission of compassion is lived in their Province, Region or Mission.

On Sunday, May 22nd, we participated in the Eucharistic Celebration with the people of God at the Sanctuary. Eucharist was preceded by the rosary.  A crowd at prayer for over two and a half hours. A moment of great emotion was during the farewell procession of the Virgin who was acclaimed by the “goodbyes of white handkerchiefs”.

In the afternoon, F. Dario Pedroso, s. j. gave us two conferences: The Father of mercy, Jesus, face of the Father and Fatima, manifestation of mercy.  His reflections were appreciated by all.