MARIE RIVIER, woman of compassion

May 23, 2016

On this day when we celebrate the 34th anniversary of the Beatification of our Blessed Marie Rivier,  it is with joy and fervor that we celebrated the Eucharist at the Capelinha.  Bishop Emeritus Mgr. Augusto César with two priests, friends of the Congregation, presided our celebration.

Our day was lived with Marie Rivier, Woman of Compassion.  Mother Angèle, Superior General, introduced us to this mystery, inviting us to spread the “virus of compassion”.  You will find her entire conference on the Web Site.

A question was given to the participants : Name your discoveries or your confirmations about the vitality of the charism of Marie Rivier which continues to be lived in our world today.


Time for personal reflection followed by sharing in language groups as well as in plenary sessions allowed us to deepen our understanding of our charism of compassion, a charism that is alive and truly needed in our world today.

In the evening we gathered at the foot of the Pieta, like Marie Rivier in Montpezat, with our desire to become compassion as she did, to live a passionate love for Jesus Christ and bring his Gospel to our world today.