May 24, 2016

In order to address all the needs to our time in our different countries we would have to have a thousand lives, as Marie Rivier once said.  The commitments of the participants in the session are many and diverse:

  • Welcoming migrants and refugees
  • Rendering service to the sick and the elderly
  • Ministry in poor areas.

In spite of the challenge of language, when we met in groups according to interest and ministry the sharing was rich and filled our hearts with dynamism and the desire to live fully the mystery of compassion.

We named the qualities and basic values needed for our service.  We were invited to cultivate these attitudes in order to better serve those to whom we are sent and to touch the person of Christ in all those we serve.  Pope Francis often invites us to do just that through his words and his attitude.

It is important that we believe in the charism of Marie Rivier,  that we believe that we are called to be an open Gospel and that whatever we do to the least of our brothers and sisters it is to Jesus that we do it.

We  also heard several times the phrase: Go and do the same.  What is my personal response to this challenge? Our mission of compassion is rooted in the Word of God. It motivates us, challenges us and gives us the courage to move forward in hope and in the joy of giving and receiving.  What is the spirit that animates us so that we can live our mission to the very end?